I was born and raised in a suburb of Osaka, Japan. I moved to the United States in 1999 and received my BFA from the Cleveland Institute of Art and my MFA from the University of Florida.  Currently, I teach ceramics at Tri-C Metro Campus. I try to capture the delicacy and temporality of life in my sculptures. I am influenced by transformations that happen in nature and the philosophy of the ever-changing life cycle.

My sculpture is not meant to imitate nature but to extract the essence of nature and to evoke awareness of human existence within nature. During my creative process, I lose myself in obsessing with carving out thousands of repetitive patterns and making into skeleton-like sculpture, or building up an infinite number of fragments into one massive structure. In this polarized process, I can see the pattern of the whole entity within the ever-changing life cycle. I find great beauty in something impermanent or fragile. I like to capture for a little longer the delicacy and temporality in my sculptures.

Yumiko Goto


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