ceramic sculpture

I graduated from Youngstown State University with a BFA in Ceramics and Studio Arts, and then went on to graduate school for Art Therapy and Special Education.  Splitting my
time between being a Special Education Teacher and a producing Artist, I have been  working, and showing in St. Clair/Superior Art District neighborhood of Cleveland for the past 12 years. My studio is located in TerraVista Studios in the 1400 Building, an old warehouse that originally housed a paperboard factory, on East 30th. Street.

   My work consists of both ceramic sculpture and acrylic painting. The pieces are figurative and both mediums are used in alliance with one another.  I’ve chosen to work life size to engage the viewer face to face with the work, to provoke an emotional response, an attempt to understand the thoughts, emotions or state of mind of the subject. Individual works are often driven by instances in life ranging from those that are peaceful and still, to those that are difficult and uneasy.  Underlying themes stem from the natural world, ancient religions, spirituality, and our necessary reconnection with these sacred elements, a connection that is often and too easily lost. 

Robert Romeo

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