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I earned a BA in Art Education from Notre Dame College, an MA from Case Western Reserve, and an MFA in Ceramics from Edinboro  University. In 2000, I was awarded an Individual Artist Fellowship from the Ohio Arts Council. For fifty years I have been a member of the Sisters of Notre Dame.  In 1985, I seized an opportunity to join the faculty at Notre Dame College in South Euclid, Ohio to teach ceramics and other courses in the art department. Recently retired, I am throughly enjoying spending time in the studio.

Two things move me deeply – kinship with this earth of ours, and a profound sense of communion with the Sacred permeating our cosmos. Clay speaks to me of the inseparable link between ourselves and the life energies of the earth. My studio work flows directly from these sources.

While my more “serious” work is sculptural, I can sit and make bowls for hours, caught up in the simple act of throwing on the wheel. The new sgraffitto work I like to think of as my “kinship series,” for I incorporate images of all my favorite natural friends.

Megan Dull, SND


for more information, go to:   www.megandull.com