After graduating with a BFA from the Cleveland Institute of Art in 1995, Andrea LeBlond has worked in the ceramic departments of numerous schools including Cuyahoga Community Colleges’ Eastern and Metro campuses and the University of Akron.  For the past fifteen years she has been teaching ceramics at Tri-C’s Metro campus and for the past eighteen years has been working in TerraVista Studios. Most recently, Andrea is also teaching at the Cleveland Institute of Art.

In 2008, Andrea was the recipient of an Ohio Arts Council Individual Excellence Award.

Natural order is startlingly beautiful and complex.  Microscopic particles, cellular structures, geological formations and the relentless force of entropy are all things that continually fascinate me.  I engage these principles by manipulating clay to make these abstract concepts tangible, employing containment, mass, form, and color.

My current body of work focuses on the bowl form.  The bowl itself is ripe with metaphor; it simultaneously conceals and reveals.  I am attracted to the mass and interior space that a bowl creates, as well as the related metaphor of the human body and its biological processes.  My sculptural bowls suggest cells within the body as well as larger organs, building upon themselves to create a complete organism.” 


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